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Root Canal Therapy in Santa Fe, Texas

Are you suffering with a toothache? If so, don't put off a trip to our Santa Fe, Texas dental office! It could be a signal of a serious problem, and the sooner you get your problem diagnosed and treated, the more likely treatment will be successful! A toothache or increase in sensitivity can be a sign that you've got an infection of some sort in the pulp that runs through your tooth. It could also be because the pulp has been exposed through decay or injury. Root canal therapy can provide us with a way to treat the problem and prevent possible extraction that might otherwise be necessary.

Root canal therapy is a fairly common dental procedure, and our dentists are highly skilled and experienced in providing this vital treatment. Without root canal therapy, the solution is often tooth extraction, which is a less desirable option for a number of reasons. For one thing, when you have a tooth extracted, it's a complex treatment. It also leaves you in need of tooth replacement, which adds another layer of cost and time to the process of repairing your smile. With root canal therapy, our talented dentists can often save you this time and expense – not to mention your tooth!

Root canal therapy is a simple process in which we go into the tooth, remove damaged pulp, fill the cavity, and cap the tooth with a crown. You may think that root canal therapy is something to fear, but as you can see, it's not as scary as many believe. Also, modern dentistry has made it easier for us to provide root canal therapy in comfort, and we offer anti-anxiety medication to make the process go even more smoothly for you.

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