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Meet the Team

June 2013 marked a 25 year milestone for Santa Fe Dental, Dr. Bonno, Karen, and Lauretta. Without these two faithful co-workers, Santa Fe Dental would not be the success it is today!

Dr. Bonno can frequently be heard to comment that his practice has been built with good luck and faithful employees.

Our Dental Hygienists

Our Dental Assistants

Our Administration

Karen Hollahan

Karen Hollahan was with Dr. Lang for over a year before Dr. Bonno purchased the practice. Karen was the original "one-employee" of Santa Fe Dental and did everything from answer the phone to assist Dr. Bonno. She even cleaned the office! Karen now acts as Office Manager.

Lauretta Ryan Morris

Lauretta Ryan Morris joined Dr. Bonno soon after his purchase of the practice as his "right hand" and Dental Assistant, and remains so today. Lauretta maintains the clinical portion of the practice.