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Your Short Guide to Dental Insurance

If you currently have a dental insurance plan that covers you and your family, then you should be able to save a tremendous amount of money on your dental care every year. This is great news! Of course, the big question many people have is, “How can I get the most out of my insurance?” The key to maximizing your dental insurance is understanding the basics of how it works and how it differs from standard medical insurance. In our continued effort to make sure that our patients’ care is always affordable, we’ve decided to write this handy little guide on how to get the most out of your insurance at every visit to Santa Fe Dental Associates.

Dental Insurance Basics

Most dental insurance plans place a heavy emphasis on covering preventive care such as checkups and cleanings. Why? Because these services can help prevent the development of dental problems that require more costly and complex treatments later on. This is why many plans completely or mostly cover treatments like checkups, cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, and basic X-rays. Restorative services used to repair the teeth are usually partially covered, and cosmetic services are typically not covered.

With this knowledge in mind, one of the best ways to get the most out of your plan is to simply get your two recommended checkups and cleanings each year. Staying on top of routine appointments won’t only help you save money, but it will also give you and your family the kind of healthy, beautiful smiles you never have to worry about! And, should you or a loved one ever need anything more, you can trust we’ll be able to use your plan to help lower the cost as well.

In-Network & Out-of-Network

You’ll likely see a list of in-network and out-of-network benefits when reading over your plan. What does this actually mean?

When a dental office is in-network with an insurance provider, it basically means they have agreed to provide their services for predetermined fees to everyone covered by that provider.

So if a practice is out-of-network for an insurance provider, it simply means they don’t have a pre-existing contract with them. Unlike medical insurance, visiting an out-of-network dentist doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to spend a lot.

At Santa Fe Dental Associates, for example, our team is happy to work with patients who have out-of-network plans so they can get the most out of their coverage. We file all claims on our patients’ behalf and work directly with their insurance provider to ensure they are getting the biggest savings they possibly can.

Using Your Insurance with Us

To learn how we can use your particular plan to help you save, just give us a call with your policy information handy. After getting your membership information, we’ll confirm your benefits and let you know what you may be expected to pay out-of-pocket when you come to see us. Our team has a lot of experience working with a variety of insurance companies, so we’ll make the process of saving on your care one of the easiest parts of your appointments!

When you invest in dental insurance, you’re investing in you and your family’s long-term dental health, and the team at Santa Fe Dental Associates is prepared to help you get the most out of that wise choice. If you’re ready to start saving on your dental care, just give us a call to schedule an appointment today

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