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Crown and Bridge in Santa Fe, Texas

Crown and bridge refers to two different types of dental restorations that are often used to repair teeth that have either been severely damaged or lost. They’re often talked about together because a bridge is anchored in place with crowns. Santa Fe Dental Associates in Santa Fe, Texas know that anyone can find themselves facing damage that can interrupt normal daily function and make it difficult to feel comfortable with your smile.

Crowns are caps that are bonded over a tooth to bring it back to its original shape, size, and functionality, as well as improve its appearance. By offering metal-free porcelain crowns, we don’t just give you a solution to your oral health issues; we make it easy to find an aesthetically pleasing choice that brings back confidence in your smile. Dental crowns may be used in a number of situations, including protecting weakened teeth from breaking, restoring seriously worn down teeth, covering teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy, replacing a missing tooth by anchoring to a dental implant or holding a bridge in place, and even improving the color of a stained molar.

Dental bridges are oral prosthetics that can fill in the gap where a tooth or a few teeth have gone missing. There are two crowns on either end of a row of replacement teeth, and the crowns are used to bond the fixed dental bridge in place. Dental bridges can be made from porcelain as well, making them an attractive option for those who want fixed tooth replacement but do not desire a surgical solution.

Santa Fe, Texas and surrounding communities including Texas City, Alvin, Hitchcock, LaMarque, Dickinson, League City, and Galveston find that Santa Fe Dental Associates are a trustworthy source for a variety of quality dental care treatments, including crown and bridge. Contact us to make an appointment and get to know our dentists and team.

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