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Children’s Dentistry in Santa Fe, Texas

Santa Fe Dental Associates wants every member of your family to have access to preventive dental care to encourage ongoing oral health, and we know that your kids need special attention to keep cavities and other problems at bay. Through children’s dentistry, we create treatment plans for kids that take into account their specific needs, oral development, and lifestyles. Our dentists are here for Santa Fe, Texas families every step of the way.

Starting around the age of three, you can bring your child to our office for regular checkups and cleanings. We’ll take this opportunity to start educating your child about how to care for his or her teeth and gums. Early on, children will have trouble with oral hygiene, and you’ll likely need to help them with daily brushing. Starting early not only helps protect baby teeth from falling out too early, but it can inspire them to take good care of their mouths for their entire lives.

Dental sealants are a common part of children’s dentistry. Once the adult molars have come in, we can put a thin layer of clear plastic resin over the chewing surface. If you think about a molar, the chewing surface is craggy and creviced, and these crevices make a great hiding place for bacteria. Dental sealants prevent plaque and bacteria from forming in these crevices, reducing the risk of cavities. Fluoride treatments help us build strong enamel, too.

When it’s time for your child to begin receiving regular dental care, we hope you’ll contact Santa Fe Dental Associates for an appointment. For Santa Fe, Texas City, Alvin, Hitchcock, LaMarque, Dickinson, League City, and other towns between Houston and Galveston, Texas, our office has been here for over 25 years providing complete family dental care.

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